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The National Casino Forum is a non-profit trade association. Our mission is to ensure the UK’s casinos provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers, offering first-class hospitality and helping them gamble responsibly. The customer must always come first.
We promote modernisation and innovation in the industry, harmonised regulation and a fair tax regime. We are committed to encouraging social responsibility and diversity amongst operators.
The National Casino Forum is a board member of the European Casino Association and our chief executive is the Vice-Chair of the ECA; the NCF is a member of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling and an active participant in the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s advisory group.
One of the largest and most active communities of slots players on the Internet, Slot Fanatics is a great place for new or established slot players. The forums are constantly being updated by players, there is a decent professional presence and the focus is almost exclusively on slot machines. With threads covering soaring wins and dour defeats, conversations about the best casinos for slots players and discussions about the best cities for gaming, the site offers a lot for avid slots players, and beginners unsure of what games to try can find great reviews of new and classic titles to help them know where to start their gaming experience. You can even search gaming conversations based on the developer responsible for your favorite game.
Another rather active gaming community, Slot Machines Forum offers players from all skill levels a chance to come together to discuss the games they love. Featuring a wealth of personal stories and reviews of different gaming sites, cities and events, the site even offers up reader reports from gaming conferences wherein they discuss all the news coming out of said events. With more of a slant toward news, the site can be helpful for established slots players looking to keep up with the community.
Gamers more interested in cutting to the heart of the matter may want to check out Slots Forum, as this site focuses almost entirely on gameplay. With sections devoted to progressive slots, bonus games and tournament play, this is definitely the site for a serious player. The expansive strategies section is also a popular fixture on the site, and gamers can find reviews of different clubs and rewards programs offered by online and live casinos throughout the world.

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