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Good Bye HC
After the test zombie plague HC has not had so great approval of the players in that. I am creating new zp server all packs skins and other features will be recovered so nothing to lose packs.
  [Image: 200w.gif?cid=19f5b51a5be5f65b7346426f32beed59] 
Respect women

Eu curto muito mod zombie HC, acho que o jogo fica mais interessante, fica mais real, nao sai fora da realidade!
Hi hakito I can contribute with some weapons skin and zombie mode with some abilities Big Grin
[EN] A hint. you could create a light server. So players who do not know how to play learn on this server.
A clear server with simple maps and much lighter, with no appeal, without many guns and with less damage and ores life. And the speed we get ammo packs is slower. So at the same time you would take to win the packs would be more time playing stopping them.

[PT-BR] Uma dica. você poderia criar um servidor light. Assim players que não sabe jogar aprenderem nesse servidor.
Um servidor claro com mapas simples e muito mais leve, sem apelação, sem muitas armas e com menos dano e menas vida. E a velocidade que ganhamos os ammos packs seja mais lenta. Assim, ao mesmo tempo que você demoraria para ganhar os packs ficaria mais tempo jogando parar ter-los.

I finance the idea if it is approved. $
[Image: 76561198168456123.png]

[Image: ab4c1ba3a46d4436b915fd825f54d00a.1.gif]
In my opinion this server is very hard on players and players can not play like another server so we find that players did not like it also the collection of ammo very hard so some players did not like it but in the other hand this mod really awesome ! and make us enjoy when we are playing
I totally agree with JOKER, since there are many new players who need to learn. It would be good to put good things and I know that with the new plague of zombies you will like it. I can help with some things, like for example sking of new weapons of zombie model with skills and some maps that are very good.
Big Grin

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