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Need Unlock Code for MetroPCS Phone LG Motion 4G
I need to unlock an LG Motion 4G phone from MetroPCS. This phone is out of service and has not had service in a number of years. I got it from a friend who got it from her boss who got a new phone and didn't want this any more. I am finally ready to use it.
The information is that MetroPCS requires me to provide phone number of the phone, name on account, the account billing PIN, and the e-mail address linked to the account, and they will send the code to that e-mail address.
That is no good, it was not my account, I don't have access to that information, although I can see the phone number, of course, and with the info left behind I can see the name on the account. So, I will hit a roadblock with MetroPCS.
How can I get the unlock code(s) I need to do this myself -- I don't really want to have to pay some shady operation on the Web no one ever heard of, apparently some as much as about $50 but none less than $10, and hand over the IMEI number to them. I would just like the code and to do it myself, and of course any instructions I might need for this particular model. (This phone does not have the newer Unlock Device app on it, so that approach isn't even possible.)
I note, MetroPCS no longer issues the LG Motion 4G, and I have not seen it listed on any of the phone model lists online for unblocking.
Unfortunately those are the only routes: the legal way, which of course requires you to provide ALL information from the last registered owner (whether it's been handed down through a party of 50 is irrelevant to the unlocker; they need, and rightfully so, the information from their REGISTERED owner).
Most new MetroPCS phones has pre-installed with the official Device Unlock application, this unlocking could also be a fast and reliable service, and you're doing not need to be compelled to kind any code, once buying the unlocking authorization that we tend to tend to sell, you simply ought to enter the app and press the Permanent Unlock button.

If the model does not have the Device Unlock app place in and once inserting a wrong SIM card requests the SIM network unlock PIN, this model area unit unsecured writing the unlocking code that we tend to tend to send you.

How am i able to unlock my metroPCS phone for Free?
If you are the device original owner and meet the contract months, you will be able to call the metroPCS shopper center to request the authorization to unlock with Device Unlock app.
unlock Metropcs phone

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